Marco Muzzo bail hearing put over

The man charged after a drunk driving crash in Vaughan killed three children and their grandfather will stay in custody. Marco Muzzo sat in the prisoner’s box in handcuffs for his court appearance this morning. He looked a lot thinner than many of the photos that have been shown since his arrest. His bail hearing has now been held over until October 19th. On Sunday Muzzo’s SUV crashed into a mini-van; inside that van three small children, Daniel Neville-Lake, 9, Harrison Neville-Lake, 5, and Milly Neville-Lake, 2, all siblings and were killed, along with their grandfather Gary Neville, 65.Muzzo, 29, from King Township faces 18 charges, including four of impaired driving causing death. His family was in court today, with five men hired to protect them after death threats. They didn’t speak to reporters as they left the courthouse. Defence lawyer Brian Greenspan says Muzzo wants to express his condolences to the family of the victims. “Marco is devastated. We have sympathy for the family. This is obviously a tragic situation and the family sends their condolences and sympathy.”“We have not received any disclosure despite the fact that media outlets have reported they received reliable police information; that’s quite outrageous. This morning we have not received any police disclosure where we can make a proper and intelligent evaluation to the circumstances around this tragedy.”Greenspan said it would be premature and inappropriate to say what plea Muzzo would enter.Muzzo will remain in jail until two days after the scheduled wedding to his fiancee. We know at the time of the crash he was heading home after returning from his bachelor party in Las Vegas.The Muzzo family owns the construction company Marel Contractors and is reportedly worth nearly $1.8 billion.Related: Vigils held to mourn victims of Vaughan crash