A professional group of hostellers was founded in Split

first_imgAt the session, the need for joint action towards the competent institutions was emphasized in order to adjust the regulations, enable easier finding of labor and other issues specific to the activity. In the opinion of all participants, mutual cooperation is extremely necessary in order to raise the current problems, business and quality of hostels in the Split-Dalmatia County to a higher level. Antea Ćurin, Neli Prolić, Sanja Baković, Šime Pletković Source / photo: Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Split County Chamber; Backpackers Fairytale Hostel The director of Lavčević-hotelijerstva doo (Hotel Dujam & Youth Hostel) Neli Prolić was elected president of the Professional Group, while the vice presidents are the owner of Terpsihora doo (backpackers Fairytale and Wonderful World hostels) Antea Ćurin and the owner of Hostel Split, Šime Pletković. The Business Secretary of the Group is Sanja Baković from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Split County Chamber. In the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Split County Chamber, the Professional Group of Hostels was established yesterday, with the aim of organizing and connecting members from this activity in order to improve business and promote and protect common interests. With the establishment of this group in ŽK Split, the Association of Hostels of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, which has been operating at the national level for a little over two years, has gained its counterpart at the county level. Hospitality in Croatia and the Split-Dalmatia County has been experiencing its growth and development for the last ten years. There were 76 hostels in the Split-Dalmatia County last year, which is 6 percent more than the year before.last_img