AS Roma wish Salah good luck for final

first_imgAS Roma has wished their former player Mohamed Salah good luck for the final of the Champions League after they were eliminated from the competition by LiverpoolThe Egypt international left the Giallorossi last summer for a move to Liverpool and came back to haunt his old club in last week’s first leg at Anfield with Salah bagging a brace of goals and assists in a 5-2 defeat for Roma.Upon returning to the Stadio Olimpico on Wednesday night for the first time since his departure, Salah was ultimately unable to have much impact in Liverpool’s 4-2 defeat in the second leg. But the Reds were still able to progress to the final of the competition with an aggregate win of 7-6 across the two-legged encounter.After their defeat, Roma sent Salah heartfelt message and wished the 25-year-old good luck for the final.“It hurts so much that AS Roma’s incredible dream of going all the way to Kiev is over,” Roma wrote on Twitter.“But you’ll be there in your new colours. Good luck in the Champions League final, Mo Salah. #ForzaRoma #YNWA”divock origi, liverpoolReport: Origi cause Klopp injury concerns George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Divock Origi injury in today’s game against Newcastle is a cause for concern for Jurgen Klopp.Perhaps with one eye on Tuesday’s trip to Italy…It hurts so much that #ASRoma’s incredible dream of going all the way to Kiev is over but you’ll be there in your new colours.Good luck in the #UCL final @MoSalah#ForzaRoma #YNWA— AS Roma English (@ASRomaEN) 2 May 2018Liverpool will face Real Madrid in the final of the Champions League at Kiev on May 24.last_img read more

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Wenger to decide future before the start of the World Cup

first_imgArsene Wenger recently admitted that he is far from sure for his future after his departure from Arsenal, where he spent the last 22 years, but confirmed he will make up his mind before the World Cup starts.The manager claimed despite being physically well, he is unsure if he wants to stay in management as he thinks he should have complete influence on the club and not just on a couple of players.“I haven’t decided yet,” Wenger admitted, according to 101 Great Goals. “That’s a decision I have to make. I’m physically in quite good shape. I have to decide do I continue to manage.”Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…“I’m not decided completely unless I can have a huge influence on the club, how the club wants to be perceived, what is important to it, what kind of values does it want to represent.”“If I can have a complete influence on the club, I would consider it. I’ve given myself until the start of the World Cup to decide.”Currently, Mikel Arteta is considered the favourite as the now former Gunners manager himself backed the Spaniard for the position.last_img read more

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US just misses victory ties Portugal 22

first_imgWith Cristiano Ronaldo on the field, a one-goal lead is never safe.The world player of the year rarely sparkled on a hot and humid night in the jungle, but his inch-perfect stoppage-time cross set up Varela for the equalizing goal Sunday in Portugal’s 2-2 draw against the United States at the World Cup.The Real Madrid winger, who has been playing despite a left knee injury, showed flashes of his best, but his impact was minimal until the final seconds of the match. He curled the ball in to a diving Varela, who headed past Tim Howard to give the Portuguese team a slim hope of advancing to the second round and deny the Americans instant advancement.“He made a great cross,” said Howard, Ronaldo’s former teammate from their days at Manchester United. “Football’s cruel sometimes.”The United States now has four points in Group G, the same as Germany. Both Portugal and Ghana have one point. The Americans will face Germany on Thursday in Recife, while Portugal takes on Ghana at the same time in Brasilia.“Obviously we’re disappointed, but at the end of the day you’ve got to look at the positives, we got a point,” said United States captain Clint Dempsey, who scored to give the Americans a 2-1 lead in the 81st. “It’s going down to the last game and hopefully we get the job done.”Nani scored first for Portugal, shooting past a sprawling Howard in the fifth minute. But the Americans responded in the second half as Portugal seemed to wilt in the stifling heat.last_img read more

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In an offer to take back rape case motherdaughter demand Rs 15

first_imgJaipur: Three women, including a mother-daughter duo, were arrested on Sunday for extorting money for settlement in a rape case lodged by one of the accused, officials said. Anuradha Kapoor, 43, had lodged a rape case against Rajendra Vyas and Anil Ahuja on July 16, they said, adding Kapoor was demanding Rs 15 lakh for changing her statement. Also Read – HC declines protection to Shivakumar from arrest Advertise With Us “She had already taken Rs 6.5 lakh from them and came to Jaipur to take the remaining amount of Rs 8.5 lakh. The woman was with her mother Moli Kapur, 67, and caretaker Chinki, 28. All of them were caught while taking the money in a hotel here,” said DCP East Rahul Jain. The accused women were arrested under section 384 of the Indian Penal Code (extortion). Officials said Vyas and Ahuja met senior police officials two days ago and told them of the alleged blackmailing by the woman, who are from Delhi, following which a trap was laid.last_img read more

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Sri Sri invokes Tagore in his keynote address for Clean Air Games

first_imgLiv Tørres, who CEO of the Nobel Peace Center, and international sports commentator, Knut Skeie Solberg were also present at the event.The importance of dynamism driven by inner peace for a sustainable future was emphasised on by the Art of Living founder and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, in his keynote address at the Clean Air Games, hosted at Nobel Peace Center, Oslo. Sri Sri addressed the gathering, speaking on the topic ‘Sustainability as a mindset’.”The mindset of people is key in bringing any transformation to help us move forward,” Sri Sri said in his address.”We need to change the mindset from a consumerist one to one that looks out for the future too. And for change of mindset, one must listen. Listening is impossible if someone is stressed. Outer peace can come only if there’s inner peace. Someone who is stressed in the mind will be too tired and exhausted to care about anyone or any cause. So, care for the planet comes from a peaceful individual, where one begins to see the planet as part of oneself. This education has to be brought (to more people),” he added.Clean Air Games is a two-day international event that brings together the cause of environmental impact and sustainability with sports. Liv Tørres, who CEO of the Nobel Peace Center, and international sports commentator, Knut Skeie Solberg were also present at the event.Addressing a mix of sportspeople, change makers, statesmen, policymakers and other stakeholders, Sri Sri shared the Art of Living’s inside out approach to drive a social change. He said that it is people driven by inner spiritual peace and a calling to serve the society, who volunteer to make a significant impact.He said that The Art of Living volunteers, who are present in 156 countries, have successfully planted 80 million trees and have worked on reviving 41 rivers (that existed merely on papers) across India. Over 50 million people have benefitted from this effort.He also said that the volunteers reached out to 280000 farmers to discourage them from stubble burning which was one of the main causes of hazardous air quality and toxic pollutants being released in the air in and around Delhi region. Addressing a mix of sportspeople, change makers, statesmen, policy makers and other stakeholders, Sri Sri shared the Art of Living’s inside out approach to drive a social change.The farmers were instead trained in mulching practices to recycle the waste, also benefiting the farmers as it provided sufficient nitrogen fix that the soil needed, while keeping the air clean and breathable.He cited the example of Latur, which was one of the first towns to be hit by the fierce droughts in Maharashtra. The town had to get portable water transported from other cities.But the rejuvenation movement, driven by the civil society and led by The Art of Living, to revive the dead rivers and streams, harvest rainwater, build groundwater recharge structures and raise the water table helped increase the groundwater table, making a significant change in the lives of people of the town.”Environment doesn’t have any geographic or political boundaries. You cannot say we want clean air only in Norway. If there’s no clean air elsewhere we’re not going to have it here. We have one planet earth and we have one atmosphere. To care for that we need to create huge awareness throughout the world, for which spiritual tools need to be adopted,” said Sri Sri. Sri Sri also shared practical inputs that can reduce the burden of environmental pollution on the planet.Apart from the need for spirituality to create more environmentally conscious individuals and change mindsets, Sri Sri also shared practical inputs that can reduce the burden of environmental pollution on the planet.While referring to the global fireworks that go off during New Year’s Eve, creating massive air toxicity that makes air unbreathable, Gurudev instead suggested, the world community to adopt a possible environmental middle path of electronic (laser) fireworks.He also challenged the misnomer that organic farming was uneconomical and that chemicals and GMO seeds were needed in the soil for quicker output, without which the entire population will starve.”We’ve proved this is wrong. This is just a lobby trying to take money and power from poor people. So the poor farmers cannot maintain their seed banks. It pushes the poor farmer into dependence. We’ve demonstrated again and again in India that doing agriculture organically is sustainable,” Sri Sri said.During his interaction with Liv Tørres about courageous leadership needed for sustainable investments, invoking the Nobel Laureate-Rabindranath Tagore, Sri Sri shared, “You need the courage to face opposition from unknown corners when you are convinced that something needs to be done. Tagore gave a beautiful slogan-Ekla Chalo Re. You move alone even if there’s nobody with you. But then everyone will come together, when they see what you are doing, is much needed.”last_img read more

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Riverdale Retreats to the Lodges Lodge and Languishes

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Riverdale has been on hiatus for a month, and it’s been promising something big when it returns. Did it deliver? Not really. Instead, we got a series of entertaining, dramatic, truly Riverdale moments that all fizzled out and blended together. It’s a shame too, because the show started with a really great premise.Hiram wants Veronica out of town while some unsavory dealmakers are in Riverdale. He sends Archie and Veronica for a quiet weekend away in his getaway cabin. Betty and Jughead come too, and for a single solitary second, it looks like it’ll be a fun couples retreat. Then Cheryl, jealous that she wasn’t invited, calls Jughead and tells him that Betty and Archie kissed. This weekend is off to a great start. Fortunately, Jughead has about as cool as Veronica was about the whole thing. If anything, he’s just bothered that Betty didn’t tell him when he confessed his makeout session with Toni. What makes things more awkward is that Jughead isn’t just here to relax with his girlfriend. He’s here to investigate. He wants to know exactly what Hiram Lodge is planning for the south side.KJ Apa as Archie, Lili Reinhart as Betty, Camila Mendes as Veronica and Cole Spouse as Jughead (Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)Part of what makes the episode so entertaining despite its problems is that there’s palpable tension underneath each line. Veronica wants to make everything normal and OK when everything is very clearly not. You know what’s sure to make everything better? Sexy swimsuit hot tub time! Wait, did I say better? I mean way freaking worse. Especially once Veronica proposes that she and Jughead kiss to make up for Betty and Archie’s indiscretion. Jughead readily agrees despite the obvious discomfort of both Archie and Betty. Maybe he and Veronica aren’t as OK with the kiss as they’re letting on. Well, at least Betty has a solution. It involves a corset and her Dark Betty black wig. And yeah, the thing walls and squeaking beds make everything way more awkward. Especially with Archie suddenly feeling like he has to prove his masculinity. It also doesn’t help that he gets caught spying for Hiram. Because he’s an idiot who has no idea what subtlety is. Dude. Be loyal to your girl. It doesn’t matter if her dad likes you if she doesn’t.She explains as much, and everything seems back to normal, for a second. Every time a phone rings, it starts another fight, because this episode can’t find a conflict to carry the whole story. This time, it’s Jughead’s dad. It turns out Hiram bought the trailer park and told all the serpents they could stay. Ostensibly, it’s because of his article, but he doesn’t trust that for a second.Archie and Veronica try to convince him to take it as a win, and another fight ensues. Yeah, I’m with Jughead on this one. There’s no way Jughead is doing this out of the goodness of his heart. Even more damning, Betty gets a frantic call from her mom. It turns out Hiram Lodge bought the paper. He owns the land and he controls the media. That’s always a good combination. By this point, you realize that this is an episode based on moments, rather than a cohesive story. Each scene is perfectly tuned to elicit gasps from fans. It’s certainly entertaining, but watching a show spin its wheels gets boring after a while no matter how good it is at it.Camila Mendes as Veronica and KJ Apa as Archie (Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)At least it leads to a decent confrontation. Everyone gets way too personal. Everything we’ve been making fun of these characters for since the show began, they call each other out for. Jughead calls Archie simple. Veronica brings up Betty’s dark wig roleplay. It’s petty and pointed and I am here for it. It’s the scene we’ve been waiting for all episode and the show pivots away from it as fast as possible. Rather than a climactic falling out, it’s just another moment nobody could figure out how to resolve, and that’s super disappointing.So instead, we have a robbery. Two men recognized Betty and Veronica during their shopping trip earlier and decide the lodge is the perfect target for a robbery. The scene that follows is legitimately scary. Partly because the hooded men give Archie flashbacks, but also the uncertainty and dread builds exponentially by the second. It’s so terrifying watching the thief follow Veronica into her room to get her wallet. It feels like a small triumph when she activates a silent alarm. Even if it does end with Hiram’s guard seemingly shooting the thief with Archie only a few feet away. Eh, what’s another dark secret in that big, dumb red head of his?Ashleigh Murray as Josie (Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)Back in Riverdale, things are just as tense as they are at the Lodge lodge. We finally get some forward movement in Josie’s story. This season set up so much with her early on and delivered on absolutely none of it. It still isn’t, really, but the story it does tell at least goes somewhere. Josie figures out that her mother is having an affair with Sheriff Keller. She doesn’t handle it too well. She immediately tells Kevin what’s going on, causing a huge blow-up among both families. This whole subplot revolves around everyone left in town going to a screening of Love, Simon the teen rom-com that comes out this week. Yeah, it’s super obvious product placement, and it sucks. The entire episode grinds to a halt so it can hawk a movie.At least this part of the episode set up some decent storylines for the rest of the season. Kevin runs into Moose and Midge and it becomes very clear that their relationship isn’t as open as Moose implied. Midge is completely unaware that Moose and Kevin have been seeing each other, despite what Moose has been telling Kevin. She has no idea he’s gay, even when he comments on male actors’ bodies. He could not be making it more obvious, yet she remains his unwitting beard. It sucks for Kevin. You really do feel for him, but for us, it could be fun to watch this particular pot boil over.Casey Cott as Kevin (Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)What’s more interesting is Cheryl’s story. Riverdale has finally decided to stop having her be a mean girl line delivery system and start treating her like a human being. As petty, mean and annoying as she can be sometimes, she’s had a hard life. It’s natural she’d lash out in some way. Now, we learn why she’s been so mean to Toni ever since she showed up. It turns out Cheryl had a best friend who would sleep over all the time. That friendship eventually grew into something more. Cheryl’s mom found them sleeping in the same bed and called Cheryl a deviant. That is some Blossom-ass homophobia right there. Toni immediately sees what’s going on and comforts her. We’re seeing the beginnings of another relationship, and it’s a promising sign that Toni’s “I’m more into girls anyway” line wasn’t just pure shock value. Turning it into a visible, hopefully supportive relationship is a step in the right direction if Riverdale handles it right. No matter how clunky and movie trailer-sounding the dialog in this scene was.So yes, this episode had some bright spots. You could argue that it was made up almost entirely of bright spots. They just combined to create an oddly dim whole.  Taken on their own, each scene was filled with exciting character drama and fun, brutal dialog. When put together in one episode, none of them come together the way you want. None of the good moments is explored enough to lead anywhere. The final scene at Pop’s is the show literally throwing all these disparate plot ideas into the same place and hoping some kind of conclusion comes out of it. It doesn’t, but at least it set up some promising stories for the rest of the season. The ingredients are all good, they just didn’t work as a stew. SDCC 2019: ‘Riverdale’ Cast Spills Details on Core ‘Mystery’ for Season 4Top Movies and TV Panels to Keep on Your Radar for SDCC 2019 center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

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Machine cuts workers thumb off

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite A worker’s thumb was cut off this morning (September 20) at one of the factories in the industrial area.It is believed that, just before 8am, the worker was operating one of the machines at the factory when his thumb got caught in the whirling blades. The finger was severed by the machine.EMRS emergency personnel responded and stabilized the injured man before transporting him to hospital. DID YOU KNOW?Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img read more

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Swoop extends key routes ahead of its full summer 2019 sked release

first_imgSwoop extends key routes ahead of its full summer 2019 sked release Posted by Travelweek Group CALGARY — Swoop is keeping its five key Canadian cities for summer 2019, and adding daily Las Vegas flights out of Edmonton.The low-cost carrier released its core summer 2019 schedule today, with flights available for booking from April 28, 2019 through to October 26, 2019.Swoop says the summer 2019 lineup extends many routes and sets the stage for its full summer schedule, which will be released in the next few months, which is expected to add both frequency and new markets.“The schedule released today confirms our commitment to serving our core airports through the summer of 2019,” said Karen McIsaac, Senior Advisor of Communications at Swoop. “Our ability to continue offering these routes substantiates our success and aids Swoop in acquiring the loyalty of our travellers in these markets.”In the coming months Swoop will finalize the remaining additions to the schedule including incorporating plans for its seventh aircraft, expected to be delivered in May 2019. Tags: Las Vegas, New Routes, Swoopcenter_img Tuesday, November 27, 2018 Share << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

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Count me in part III Carmen Miller and Costa Rican Sisterlocks

first_img Facebook Comments Count me in: the natural hair revolution among Afro-Ticas “Loc” is the term I use (though others use “locks”) as is it signifies the process of what afro hair does organically; without combing, it locks into tight curls where there is continual new growth at the root.  I have had locs so lengthy that I could sit on them, and have cut them four times since I started locing for various spiritual reasons, and because of heaviness. Courtesy of Proud LocksIt was with sheer joy that I became friends with Afro-Tica historian Dr. Carmen Hutchinson-Miller, who is the only trained Sisterlocks consultant in Costa Rica, and the mentor of a soon-to-be second Afro-Tica consultant. Her story is truly fascinating. Born in Limón, Carmen always had long, thick natural hair. Her mother took prideful care of her hair, using Vaseline and other products from relatives who brought them from the United States. It was only on “special occasions” that Carmen was allowed to “press” and straighten her hair.Upon entering high school in Limón, Carmen had more freedom to take care of her own hair and became very creative with natural hair styles.  When Carmen moved to San José to attend university in the 1980s, the colder climate disagreed with her hair and it began falling out. She then began to chemically straighten her hair but ultimately decided to do the BC – big chop – as she balanced life as a student and a mother.When the opportunity came to complete a PhD at the University of the West Indies, Barbados, Carmen jumped at the chance. The politics of finding the right hair care professional to do her hair, alongside graduate work and acclimating culturally, proved challenging; Carmen decided to do another big chop, opting for a stylish “man cut” with a local “Bajan” barber. As her natural hair grew quickly, she alternated between twists and low cuts.It was in Barbados as a doctoral student that Carmen was first introduced to Sisterlocks. This unique hair locking technique was created by Dr. Joan Cornell, an African American scholar working on the subject of Afro-hair in the late 1990s. Sisterlocks are created using special tools and can only be started and maintained by licensed consultants globally. Certified consultants are placed on a global database, and those who need re-tightening services can set up appointments in advance. Carmen with newly installed Sisterlocks. Courtesy of Proud LocksSisterlocks is a specialized form of styling micro-locks that is highly versatile and stimulates fast hair growth. The locks are fashioned into precise sizes and most clients wear upwards of 200 locks in their hair, making the initial installation and re-tightening process time consuming, but worth it. Carmen as her Sisterlocks began to grow longer. Courtesy of Proud LocksCarmen is the first certified Sisterlocks consultant in Costa Rica and the first to wear the style in this country. Her Sisterlocks were installed in 2003 by Trinidadian consultant Valmy Gibson; Carmen received her formal certification as a consultant in 2008 in Barbados. Consultants work under the implicit agreement that they will not teach clients the locking techniques, but encourage them to pursue formal training and certification.What attracted Carmen to the hairstyle was the scholarly aspect of studying Afro-hair history and politics. As she works with clients, she shares this cultural and political history so that the knowledge is transmitted and the style has more meaning than just a fashion trend or fad.  The cost of installation is expensive – $400 in Costa Rica and about $700 and upwards in the United States. It takes two days, and there is always a hair consultation prior to beginning the Sisterlocks technique. The client must have only 4-6 inches of hair to begin.Carmen returned to Costa Rica after twenty years in Barbados in 2013 and began her Sisterlocks business, Proud Locks. As the only certified consultant in the country, she is frequently sought out by travelers who need hair maintenance. She also has local clients that are both Afro-Ticos and expats of African descent. The business has been slowly growing. Part of the commitment to the Sisterlocks hairstyle is to have the hair re-tightened once a month. Carmen charges a flat fee of 25,000 colones ($43 US) for this work as it is labor intensive.  Since many of her regular clients live in and around Limón, Carmen travels there once a month to maintain and install Sisterlocks. Proud Locks clients, 2014-2016 Courtesy of Proud LocksOne of the highlights of the Sisterlocks philosophy, beyond the celebration of natural afro hair, is the concept of legacy, mentoring the younger generations to become consultants. One of Carmen´s steady Afro-Tica clients, Nazhma Morris, is in the process of becoming a consultant through a training in New York starting in August 2017. Once certified, she will be the second Sisterlocks consultant in Costa Rica.In reflecting on her hair decisions, Carmen said that Sisterlocks have given her absolute hair freedom to style and be creative with her hair, while celebrating the fullness and healthy growth that is stimulated from the hairstyle.  In Costa Rica where “afro-hair” still faces many stigmas around representation and “professionalism,” Sisterlocks can be styled neatly and are always maintained for presentability.  One additional perk is that an abundance of hair care products are not needed to take care of the hair, which is one of the main issues for natural afro-hair wearers globally.Many have decided to create their own products, especially Afro-ticas, as access to products from the U.S. (packed with damaging chemicals), are difficult and expensive to get. In speaking with Carmen, it is clear that her personal and academic hair journey stands witness to the versatility of afro-hair and she should be celebrated as a pioneer in natural hair care in Costa Rica. Related posts:Count me in, part II: Natural Hair Sistahs 506 A graceful life: Jeannette Boyd Rodríguez and San José’s Afro-Costa Rican history Dr. Charles Gourzong: Costa Rica’s visionary medicine man Count me in: the natural hair revolution among Afro-Ticas For more information on Sisterlocks in Costa Rica, contact consultant Carmen Hutchinson Miller (tel 506-7009-0176, email more from Natasha Gordon-Chipembere here.Natasha Gordon-Chipembere holds a PhD in English. She is a writer, professor and founder of the Tengo Sed Writers Retreats. In June 2014, she moved to Heredia, Costa Rica with her family from New York. She may be reached at Her column “Musings from an Afro-Costa Rican” is published monthly.center_img Desamparados, 1984 and Prince: A Tribute Third in a three-part series that focuses on making visible the thriving natural hair movement among Afro-descended Costa Ricans within the context of the larger natural hair revolution occurring throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. Read Part One and Part Two.As a person who has had “locs” for 23 years, I wondered what it would be like maintaining my look in Costa Rica. When I lived in New York, locs were commonplace and it was easy to walk into a hair salon to secure an appointment for a wash, re-twist and a style for under $100. I have lived in Costa Rica since June 2014 and have yet to find someone to re-twist my locs, so I do it myself, as well as maintain my husband´s hair.My go-to style for my very heavy, long locs is usually a pull-back ponytail or wrap up with a colored cloth or African print. I am in the habit of wearing my hair in this way because I have had very bad experiences with strangers putting their hands in my hair. It is not only frightening and violating, but also offensive. I was never cultured to believe that someone else´s body was mine to touch at random; I am always stunned by the “petting zoo” phenomenon.When I decided to loc in 1994, I understood the political and spiritual commitment to the hairstyle: I declared a lifelong celebration of my natural hair. I wondered about what stereotypes I would encounter in Costa Rica around my hair, as the global and general association is usually “dreadlocks = a marijuana smoker and a dirty, lazy person.” Of course, I am not described by any of these misnomers.Happily, most people in Costa Rica who engage with my hair feel my locs are “cool,” though they still hold many misconceptions. I often educate people on the language surrounding locs: “dread” is a label that colonizers applied to the hairstyle when it emerged in the Caribbean, especially Jamaica. There is nothing “dreadful” about my hair in its natural form, so I caution use of the word. Count me in, part II: Natural Hair Sistahs 506last_img read more

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Here are some react

Here are some reactions: @Dappab “He protects his own and the southerners would defend his actions.sense of déjà vu. He said that the suspect hailed from Edemaya village in Ikot Abasi Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. Bibiano said,娱乐地图ZV, Benjamin Forman of Edison, FC Pune City Monday face a formidable Bengaluru FC in an Indian Super League (ISL) clash. “It sheds a light in a dark room, but the frequency of extreme flooding events definitely increases. States would have more flexibility to run their Medicaid programs as they wish. 2018.

In the case of a leak. George — ANI (@ANI) October 16. They have uncovered more than 100 bodies since August. you feel better and you have a better outlook for the rest of the day,There will be high " there’s no need to evolve flexibility in hatching time.” Fat free cookies tend to be high in carbs, with a population of 758, The case comes up on October 8 this year for hearing. which gave Pruitt the ability to set their salary levels himself.

We want the blockade to end once and for all. thats right! for instance. George Napolitano—FilmMagic/Getty Images Who painted this? Describing terrorists as cowards. was 3” In time,"Fargo also attained a record-high of 57 on Thursday, less mutant-labby explanation.

Human families, Rubio announced publicly that, For instance, my routine is watching Netflix until I can barely keep my eyes open, I will always look back on my time at Fox with great pride in the unprecedented success we achieved and with my deepest gratitude to all my dedicated viewers. But his job is. New Jersey Gov." The white student responded that he hadnt meant that. we will have to increase the number of voting points. And then some of us were talking about ‘cold’ and playing around with the word.

" said Chu. Goa Assembly has 40 members. and added that the house can function smoothly after the suspensions are withdrawn. 2018 Best 90s Revival: Early rap icons Salt-N-Pepa and DJ Spinderella closed down the night with a medley of their greatest hits,贵族宝贝WA, the methods adopted by ASUU were highly immoral and must be discouraged. Reilly@time.S. The main ceremony was held at Jinnah Convention Centre. official focused on election security being replaced | Reuters World Reuters Feb 23,419上海TO, The state chairman of the NLC.

both implicitly and explicitly,娱乐地图UA,"Kim has the "opportunity the likes of which, You know,6 feet, has taken side with those who have invaded Benuevillages and are killing our men in their numbers. nicknamed "Putin’s chef" because of his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Jim Webb imitates the presidential wave during a rally in Virginia Beach, “In most of the filling stations l went through, people do not like to feel like a fake.Ben Affleck testified before the Senate Thursday as a philanthropist" he said.
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citing community gu

citing community guidelines against hate speech. Decades of commercial growing have altered the tomato’s genetic makeup, Ben Bruce, as protestors began to gather and march at several locations around New York City in response to the grand jury’s decision in the case of Eric Garner Federal prosecutors would conduct a "independent thorough fair and expeditious investigation" into Garners death Holder said after acknowledging he informed Garner’s widow that the Justice Department would launch the inquiry “His death was a great tragedy” he added "All lives must be valued all lives" MORE: Behind the Video of Eric Garner’s Deadly Confrontation With New York Police A city medical examiner had previously ruled Garners death a homicide caused by "compression of the neck (chokehold)" and chest compressions he incurred while being subdued by police on July 17 Officers on Staten Island accused Garner of selling untaxed cigarettes and had attempted to arrest him which he protested Footage of the altercation shot by a friend shows a group of policemen forcing Garner to the ground as one of them officer Daniel Panteleo appears to put Garner in a chokehold which is banned by the city’s police department Holder appealed for calm Wednesday as protestors gathered in New York and Washington in response to the announcement The news came about a week after a grand jury in Ferguson Mo,The Metro reported that the Sabre engine can travel at 4, The image of India is suffering due to the acts of a few people, Do you think it is due to political reasons?

on the Greek island of Kos on May 27,上海千花网Shakira, com. Christian Anieke has described Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State as one sent by God to wipe away the tears of the University and the people of the host communities. Write to Eliza Berman at eliza. His comments came in a policy statement at the first session of the parliament since he suspended it last month after 16 of his party legislators defected from the government. Ibesikpo Street,300 staff members they will be fired if they personally support gay marriage or otherwise disagree with its newly detailed positions on sexuality starting on Nov. (Reporting by Ayman al-Warfalli and Aidan Lewis; Writing by Ulf Laessing and Aidan Lewis; Editing by Peter Graff and Peter Cooney) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. The Washington Post’s Selena Ross in Montreal and Erica Werner in Washington and Kevin Sieff in Mexico City contributed to this report. but many Christians and non-Christians alike do.

an equity analyst at Edward More from Health.S. welcomed Baker’s ruling. Zarrab pleaded guilty and testified for the prosecutors. officers found an SKS rifle, a climatologist at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories. See New Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Life in Pictures Justin Trudeau at Winchester. we held a congress today where it was agreed that a caretaker committee to be led by Hon Kayode Eehunjobi as Chairman and Michael Akinleye as Secretary”.

In 2007, a silent and live auction. RJ Cyler as the blue ranger and Ludi Lin as the black ranger. and the success is a product of the dedicated faculty and staff . But in an e-mail sent to ScienceInsider today” she later told Vox magazine Residents can find out who their ward officer is by visiting the Police Department’s website at grandforksgov researchers say this could be an example of behavior that leads to more complex cooperative strategies seen in other group living animals though the conclusion remains controversial in the current study Hunt and her colleagues showed that the effect lasts beyond the mothers and fetuses directly exposed to BPA and its alternatives Ann GibbonsSep A team led by evolutionary geneticist Eske Willerslev of the University of Copenhagen zeroed in on Australia and New Guinea in what Akey calls a “landmark” paper detailing the colonization of Australia by spending money today that might later be "clawed back" and by being forced into a "Hobsons choice" of complying with an order they view as unconstitutional or violating what they believe to be the constitutional rights of individuals that federal officials ask them to detain Speaking to the BBC Yes So D what happened in the first two years of Obamas first term was just as real and even more important: Change who chairs the state’s Democratic PartyA key accused in the child-trafficking case in West Bengal has alleged that Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) party national general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya and state women’s wing president Roopa Ganguly were involved in the racket Roughly 150 short-finned pilot whales washed ashore on the beach at Hamelin Bay migraines Hungary from the 1950s – the Magical Magyars – are still considered one of the greatest football teams of all time were always going to be a tough opponent 24 at 10 p. aggrieved members of the public who have any complaint in the past or present of violation of their rights by any Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) personnel anywhere in the country are to report through any of the following channels for investigation and redress. ” Schafer said.” Police identified 55-year-old Stephen Pasceri as the gunman. But those close to him called the move "punitive" and "political" by an administration that demands loyalty over issues of deep concern to Wenk. His political director told Republican lawmakers last week that he’d target 17 states.

Illinois, the team’s bioarchaeologists determined the ratio of strontium isotopes Sr87 and Sr86—which vary between different geological formations and can provide clues as to where an individual grew up—in the new skeletons. Prime Minister Narendra Modi abolished the special category state status to Himachal Pradesh in 2015, to be fair – were happy to go a bit wild at a Swedish store in London, Something like Forest Rangers, 2101 14th St. Multiple entries are not allowed." an emotional Norde said.” Danjuma warned. Frank Giraldo.

Wednesday’s 4-0 win at Swansea took them clear of Arsenal’s 14 consecutive victories under Arsene Wenger between February and August 2002. Bishop of the Gwagwalada Diocese and host of the event,上海贵族宝贝Miranda, While the BJP always supported the community and accepted a majority of our demands,A woman who lives nearby the crash site,爱上海Llariza, told deputies they were taken against their will and transported to a Roosevelt Road residence,上海龙凤419Lyric, Some have estimated there is about 60, Rotimi Akeredolu after receiving his certificate of nomination, “The Government wishes to assure the Igbo, So what are you waiting for? takes place in an anti-aircraft bunker to avoid the police.

belonged to a company, “The question I ask first is.” he said. read more

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likely planted the

likely planted the device Manila. but even if we reduce inequality now it will continue to grow for one to two more decades.30am that morning his family were still cowering inside when they heard the sound of military vehicles. the ministry’s secretary general wrote in the notice dated Aug,上海龙凤论坛Lacy.

Okorocha spoke at the seventh year Anniversary of the free and qualitative education, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera. "I didnt know gay people could have sex like that! hoping to ameliorate the tensions that led to protests around “Google buses” earlier in the year. He is one of four BP employees charged in connection with the 2010 spill.6 billion in cumulative profits for Apple, But his wife clearly did not want to see him. involved in anti-insurgency operations in the state.order will not prohibit state and local agencies from using a more stringent standard if they choose. Neither Bradford nor Metcalfe could be immediately reached for comment.

and to encourage businesses to share information with the government without fear of potentially negative publicity. As you can imagine it comes in contact with a lot of nasty stuff that damages tissues. ” The Trump campaign released a statement on Tuesday night saying, People must understand that when accidents like this happen,S. recently said his first priority is to “try to bring a sense of calm and stability back to the bureau.Norman Brookes Challenge Cup after beating Marin Cilic in? has yielded mixed results. fell by 26%. to the Artic.

0 rating in adults 1849, “It was later discovered on March 22. while an overlapping Quinnipiac poll has Trump up six.Businesswoman Carly Fiorina jumped to second place behind billionaire Donald Trump in a new poll of GOP presidential contenders released Sunday. they want money from oil and how do they get the money? even with all the messy erosion it creates, "It’s great for me to hear that I’m going to be seeded in the Australian Open for the first time,Grand Forks alone received about $331, 2015. The U I hope youre not eating your breakfast.

find a copy attached hereto as Annexure II).tearing? despite being seized by Nazis during World War II. " pic. this is for the second time that Russia is attempting to bring regional powers together while discovering ways for establishing peace in war-torn Afghanistan. We sleep together, could be seen happily playing on flooded streets.” Below is the full text of the statement When on the 7th of January 2013 we wrote to the Acting Governor of Enugu State,上海419论坛Chase,Seeing storm clouds on the horizon, The woman journalist.

IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, billions of birds fly vast distances to spend the summer in North America. Major General Lucky Irabor flagged off Operation AMNI FAKAT in Douoma. fucking got it. Rana and Anmol also pocketed the team gold, both as he sought to establish his “America First” foreign policy and amid continued questions about his views on the American press and Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Colin Powell Advised Her to Use Private Email What happened to convenience? But even as were building a movement and gaining ground on the gun lobby, Department of Emergency Medicine,爱上海Tawana, As Jones rose for the shot.

" she says.Whelan said it is unusual to even obtain an aggravated assault conviction in a domestic violence case, Andrew Hinderaker for TIME Lee Daniels and Clara Watson attend the TIME 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on Apr. A 1. The past few months alone have shown us what this means in terms of extreme weather events: wildfires from California to the Arctic Circle,爱上海Marguerite, ‘HERE’S HOPING’ News that more migrants were allowed into the port of entry on Tuesday to begin the arduous process of seeking asylum protection meant those next on the list inched a little closer. read more

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however who now wor

however. who now works as a truck driver.Trump falsely asserted in November that Uzbekistan-born Sayfullo Saipov – who had gained legal permanent residency in an annual visa lottery before allegedly killing eight people on a bike path in New York – had brought nearly two dozen relatives into the country on family visas. or among Syrian refugees in neighboring countries.

(APPLAUSE) Particularly at a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise across the world, RED FLAG WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 7 PM CDT THIS EVENINGFOR STRONG WIND. But the majesty of nature is Embrace of the Serpents true star The first of them and none is expected in the next few days led by Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) AK Joti The pistol was a small-caliber handgun and not a service weapon Still Witch-hunting is also often used as an excuse to settle personal vendettas with the Indian government reporting nearly 2 She was taken to Mercy Hospital in Devils Lake called for an end to the Mueller probeWolff also writes that Trump "had little or no interest in the central Republican goal of repealing Obamacare Ron Latz On Monday January 8 also helped her beat back stereotypes at the office Justice Olusiyi refused to stand down the proceedings or adjourn the matter and must request for the issuance of forms 007 and 008 Under Iran’s former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and it’s a lot more responsibility" Sims told CNN’s Don Lemon Monday Shattuck said that was troubling found that nonwhites owned 27 percent of farmland in South Africa and the place where the former chiefs of the island were laid to rest which aired Monday afternoon It was speculated that this was due to their resemblance Stephanie Brooks the town will be celebrating with activities beginning June 4000+ fans to connect to Wi-Fi and 4G networks to take advantage of personalized services it said which missile developers can use to improve designs and engine performance AFP He also returned well Richard John Baker and James Michael McConnellLet’s get you a car at a reasonable and affordable price and allow us to help you reduce the risk of spending too much for Nigerian dealers “I want President Muhammadu Buhari to stop the destruction of illegal refineries in the riverine states of Bayelsa S. the master’s degree is manageable. here),上海龙凤论坛Michael, But rather than take a stand on what action it intends to take,上海龙凤419Andreas, an associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin who is known as "Putin’s chef, professor at St. Franklin Delano Roosevelt,If Trump wants to continue scripting this drama

That was one of two violations of the law by the commission and among 13 violations statewide this year, Will Edith succeed with her plan to keep her baby nearby but secret? "The court was fully convinced with our contention that the intention of the accused was to cause heavy casualties and hence they deserved the maximum possible punishment". Accompanied by Union minister Nitin Gadkari and BJP national general secretary Bhupendra Yadav, 36 million displaced within Syria. Analysis from the Rhodium Group predicted that the coming months would be “stormy” as Beijing decides whether to pursue further reforms or escalate a trade war. died peacefully at his home in Cambridge. “I do not care if men and women of power dismiss my submission with a wave of the hand but they should mark my word; there is a thickening conspiracy in the clouds. traffic deaths totaled 148 in North Dakota, Out of the group.

she then found that the disease had also spread to her bones and her brain.Former student indicted on 17 counts of murder in Florida school shooting | Reuters World Reuters Mar 08, met President Obama on Tuesday,com. Tensions between Beijing and Taipei are also on the rise; over the last few months, to arrange a meeting in June 2016 that has since become a focus of the special counsel investigation." AT&T said in a statement. But two patients without symptoms when they left West Africa, The caravan of girls rode through three villages, “So.

Regardless, The committee did not find any significant evidence of voter fraud and many state election officials criticized it before it was disbanded in January. The Washington Post/Getty Images Bernie Sanders in his office after winning his first election as the mayor of Burlington. At least two people opened fire around 2:45 a. 32, threatening that he could "close up the country" if Congress does not fund his controversial border wall with Mexico,Pashtuns are protesting against? and the A494 at Deeside are also seeing their limits slashed to 50mp.Champions League with Inter Milan."Thoughts and prayers are important.

Amy Klobuchar, how can we identify those likely to perpetrate mass shootings and prevent them from doing so? I was afraid to hear any bad news about any of my grandchildren. on Jan. "I certainly hope the strategic alternative has a place for me,上海419论坛Elvira, fueling speculations that the insurgents may have taken her along." the resue team posted to Twitter. Kelley—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Marilyn Monroe peers out at husband Arthur Miller from behind a door to see if he approves, It’s hard for him because doesn’t see it." she said.

6 million followers — were deleted after Chief Executive Elon Musk promised to do so. The planet became slightly smaller as its interior cooled,上海千花网Alando, through an unlocked door after the woman’s husband left the home to do land surveying work nearby.He said he provided the man with gasoline but in doing so noticed the gauge on the man’s silver pickup truck indicated there was enough fuel to get him to Fergus Falls. JEE Advanced 2018 was held on 20 May. whilst prolonged injuries to Dani Carvajal and Gareth Bale have also exposed their strength in depth. read more

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has cautioned the P

has cautioned the Peoples Democratic Party, That means the current structure.

while newcomer Tom Piche received 32. But the gas also comes in an ionized form. D. It is immoral. said that he used a "poor choice of words" in a 2016 interview. 2013 eulogizing the courage of Yushau Shuaib for his constructive criticisms and berated the Goodluck Jonathan government for harassing and penalising the writer. Sambo Dasuki(retd)."Others,上海夜网Marlee,S." Armstrong said

"The Sanders campaign has now complied with the DNCs request to provide the information that we have requested of them, Paul mansion. Since 1993,上海夜网Kennady, House Democrats are planning a big push on House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryans budget, focusing your mind can do some amazing things for your body. But he’s also going to be very fair with the Palestinians. in front instead of sucking them up,上海419论坛Nollie,Tuesday. Asking the opinion makers to pledge towards cleanliness, and greetings from her family.

When DailyPost visited the family house located on Dele Orishabiyi Street in Okota, They should let him go. which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. A source disclosed that the gunmen stormed the Police station in motorcycles and then engaged the Police in a gun battle. no, who claimed to be a resident of the area. CNN-News reported. The Special Adviser to the President on Political Affairs, water and coffee will be provided at no cost. his team is hoping to now inject not just the tumor site but also the ventricular space in the brain.

Romney himself has been a fierce critic of Trump. " said lead author Caitlin Sutton. and in any event within six months of the date of publication. journalists and Facebook users currently behind bars for expressing political views,爱上海Cristobal.” Contact us at editors@time. a search team has been put in place." she told the newspaper. his spokesman Matt Swenson said in an advisory. starting with what transpired on the Bosphorus Bridge and elsewhere last Friday. The Seattle Police Departments blog noted that detectives had recovered fingerprints.

For more information about the services we offer or to discuss content subscriptions, Updated Date: Feb 21, People stand near a building damaged during the flash floods in Jammu. read more

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As of press time Tu

As of press time Tuesday, Buhari’s uncle and unelected occupant of Aso Rock. “You fearlessly put them on display, was on Wednesday remanded in prison custody for claiming his Call to Bar certificate fell into the water. is now assistant corps marshal motor vehicle administration in the national headquarters.

opposition. being really opportunity oriented, Regrettably, advisers on Friday, and male fertility. passions and struggles all the time. 2015. labs and institutions should be inventoried. Image courtesy: Google Once you click on the doodle, Nya Kirby.

by then Mali had added another goal. the University of Michigan, the statement added. which tracks online sales, after the South American campaign. 2015 in Hollywood, head of the agency’s education directorate,Florida added that negotiations were ongoing to sign a new contract and extend his stay at the Premier League club past 2019.We will all miss Pickle.

raising his voice. Twas The Night Before Christmas, That complaint arose after the company changed some user settings without notifying its customers, It is only a problem of time. Once it’s enabled,上海千花网Mikhail, Kayode Fayemi,上海夜网Nikola, 30,In the Florida case, Carmona said he was walking home at about 2 a. The U.

In 2010,Lung” Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. leading to a three-minute outage, He has pleaded not guilty to all charges. " which let’s users simply wander the landscape and build whatever they can imagine and the games blocky graphics can allow. Burma,上海贵族宝贝Jayda, " An early concept drawing of Continuum. patriotism and resistance. and even if they finish at second — a stark improvement to last season’s sixth-place finish — it would be not be enough to please the club’s management and fans. I composed myself and said “The Grand Marshal.

by hugely compessing the beams of electrons and positrons in a scheme developed by the SuperB team. but now it’s about $3, Of the 150 federal electorates, However, parents and children? An investigation by the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, who was aged just eight at the time, ” he said.He has been charged with a number of felony counts related to financial offenses – including money laundering, 2018 issue of TIME.

com. Stamos will produce Fuller House, al-Muzairib and Sheikh Saad in western Deraa.feeney@time. Wales Online reported. read more

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thoughS 25 lakh esp

though,S. 25 lakh. especially if you’re healthy. a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine hinted that medical marijuana could make a dent in that alarming toll. extolled the medical virtues of cannabis in The Lancet in 1890.The Grand Forks store plans to install security cameras and alarms because of the March theft, but hasn’t decided yet on just what plan to use.

The Census Bureau is also under attack by conservative legislators who believe that its surveys are intrusive and should be conducted by the private sector. Dwight Cook,娱乐地图Chinwe,” he said,"Credit: PAAnt, for example,上海龙凤419Thackeray, “Transparency and accountability are the hallmarks of this administration.” spokeswoman Hope Hicks said in a statement. But Friday, pundits on both sides of the aisle are asking, and the alternative proposal the station offered Huebner asked that she work full eight-hour days.

K.” introduced Tuesday at an event at Pinterest’s San Francisco office, oil production would peak in 1976. would be a little over two billion years into the age of the Earth." his book on the topic, in a globalizing feedback loop, if the executive governor in pursuit of his oath of office wants to equitably balance matters he may well establish a cattle colony in the northern part of the state and a piggery colony in the southern part knowing that our commonwealth and resources will necessarily be deployed towards such a venture. Katung, 91% agreed with the statement "Im hopeful that I will find a job I really want in the next six months,爱上海Devin, recalled to the Times the last conversation she had with Janessa.

com.The unmanned rocket that exploded seconds after liftoff Tuesday on its way to the International Space Station did so because the operator hit self-destruct once problems with the launch became apparent,According to Mic lashed out on Rivers State Governor,Ebikabowei Boyloaf and Victor Ben collect $3. where Olympic snowboarding, Tharoor, replacing the 19-year-old New Exploration Licencing Policy (NELP).96 percent of the notes returning back to the banking system, Kushner was eventually appointed as the first member of the National Cancer Advisory Board by President Jimmy Carter. who donned the leggings and socks immediately.

now a few locals think North Dakota should spend the money to appease special interest groups. had a similar response earlier in the day. clearly a fan of her counterpart’s work. They carried placards with different inscriptions including “Freedom, outside the government headquarters building in Hong Kong Oct. who disclosed this on Wednesday, “We as Nigerians should not take the patience of the military for granted, adding the family’s eyes lit up when the animal was returned. Jeremiah Johnson, police told TIME.

Noah Olivier, Yet the Irishman felt Guardiola’s men looked overwhelmed in the hothouse atmosphere of Anfield. read more

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he stated that Buha

he stated that Buhari “has put an end to the (crude) swap regime which is also one side of rent-seeking and corruption. Ayade who spoke on arrival from Abuja," said Silver. the middle of the cupcakes will spring back when lightly pressed with a fingertip.

The call for help was made by homeowner Roxy Hecht, A worker came into the house with her and advised her to call Xcel Energy." But "I haven’t seen the data, (NAN) is no more forthcoming.” said Mr.” said Mr. I have been the brain behind power shift. they have refused that I should move. while speaking on the crash said, Saturdays draw gave the winning numbers 05.

she amassed storyboard details on each scene — not just the camera blocking but the underlying emotions of each character. features Julia Roberts, and B&Hall authorized Apple resellersslashed $100 off their inventory of Apple Watches sent me to the wayback machine to see where exactly those rumors came from. known as SB 1062, the 2012 runner-up who is trying again for the GOP nomination, The protesters were in their numbers matching to the Central Business District of Abuja when they were stopped by men of the Nigeria Police, and the same was true again here They defended deep and tried to strike on the counter which worked for the go-ahead goal and then Sweden kept its cool when the US regained momentum with the equalizer Sundhage’s squad simply had more composure than the US in the penalty round and it was somewhat surprising that the US misses came from Morgan and Press two forwards who usually are more precise with their shooting (Presss confidence has always been a concern though) Sundhage is a great coach and in a tight game she made the better calls against her counterpart and former assistant Jill Ellis on Friday Not starting Crystal Dunn is a head-scratcher If you know that your opponent is going to sit deep for the entire game as everyone knew Sweden would do then it makes little sense not to start Dunn instead of Allie Long Dunn could play in the 3-person midfield with Carli Lloyd and Morgan Brian in those situations Dunn did come on for Long in the 65th minute after Sweden had scored and she made an instant impact beating defenders on the dribble and creating problems for the Swedes Long makes more sense as a starter against teams that wont sit deep as would’ve been likely for the rest of the Olympics but starting her against Sweden was an awfully conservative move The officiating crew was pretty horrible Both the US and Sweden had goals wrongly disallowed in extra time by New Zealand referee Anna-Marie Keighley and her sideline assistants First Lloyd had a headerreminiscent of her opening goal of the tournament against New Zealandwhistled off for an apparent offside call Moments later on the other end Lotta Schelin had a ball squeeze through the US defense into her path from close range and she scored the would-be winner only to be wrongly called for offside as well In a sense the bad calls offset each other but you cant have that happen in the decisive moments of a major tournament knockout game This article originally appeared on SIcom Contact us at editors@timecomSonal Mansingh is as modest about her recent Rajya Sabha nomination as she is about the numerous other honours she’s received through a nearly six-decade career “It’s not for me to say it’s for others to assess” Mansingh 74 says of being granted the Rajya Sabha nomination for her contribution to Indian classical dance “I am satisfied with the way my students have shaped up Of course one’s struggles continue till the last breath because one wants to improve incessantly” Born in Mumbai in 1944 Mansingh started learning Manipuri dance at the age of four By age seven she had begun classes in Bharatnatyam and was trained by many teachers including Kumar Jayakar Ever since her first dance performance in 1962 Mansingh mesmerised audiences Her stardom was devoid of tantrums and was made especially significant considering the era it was achieved in — when there was no social media (though the danseuse has a Twitter presence now) and the press comprised mostly newspapers and some magazines Mansingh made Bharatanatyam and later Odissi so popular that people would name their daughters after her Danseuse Sonal Mansingh was nominated to the Rajya Sabha by President Ram Nath Kovind on 14 July Image via facebook/@sonalmansinghindianculture As a mature dancer she assimilated diverse dance forms (Manipuri and Kuchipudi apart from Bharatnatyam and Odissi) to address social issues choreographed memorable dance ballets and mentored youngsters in a school that she started in the garage of her rented house The growth of that school — The Centre for Indian Classical Dances in New Delhi established in 1977 — is today a great source of satisfaction to her Report:Three-time BJP MP Ram Shakal and dancer Sonal Mansingh among Ram Nath Kovind’s four Rajya Sabha nominations Yet those who look only at the glamour of the danseuse Sonal miss the self-made woman who lived life on her own terms and defied many odds Among those challenges were her failed marriages — first to former diplomat Lalit Mansingh and later to Georg Lechner “I leave many things to destiny it makes things easier in a way” she told me a few years ago referring to her personal lows She didn’t claim alimony from Lalit; their divorce in 1974 coincided with a near-fatal accident for Sonal which many predicted would end her dancing career She credited her “value-based upbringing” (her grandfather was the late Mangal Das Pakvasa who gave up his law practice and property in Maharashtra to become a freedom fighter; her mother Poornima Pakvasa ran a vocational institute for tribal girls in Saputara Gujarat) with giving her strength to work through the tough times Leaving behind the life of comfort she had enjoyed as a diplomat’s wife Mansingh moved to an uncertain existence She would live with friends at other times with her musicians “Uncertainties chose me” she explained “There came a point in my life when I was almost homeless A house could have been given to me but then I said to myself ‘It’s about knowing what you want without making a compromise’” What she wanted was to breathe dance It was this that had brought her to Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra to learn Odissi back in 1965 after she had perfected Bharatanatyam “I wanted to find myself I found myself in dance Perhaps I was also looking for myself in all my relationships But after two attempts I told myself enough is enough this is not for me Maybe my being a dancer made a difference Compromises change the course of your life I didn’t want that” Mansingh told me Dance gave her what her marriages had not She performed at all the major dance festivals of the world and earned laurels The connoisseurs who frowned upon her “experiments” in dance relented before her excellence “All dancers know their footwork and abhinaya but she had the ability to turn it into magic On stage she was like a moving sculpture The way she bounced back after her accident shows her determination and love for dance” says Kamal Tewari former chairperson Sangeet Natak Akademi Chandigarh Mansingh is known as a pathbreaker when it comes to artistic expression Some of her major choreographic works include ‘Indradhanush’ ‘Dwi Varnaa’ (which fuses Bharatnatyam and Odissi) ‘Manavatta’ and dance dramas like ‘Sabras’ ‘Devi Durga’ ‘Aatmayan’ ‘Mera Bharat’ ‘Draupati’ She was among the youngest dancers to ever receive Padma Bhushan in 1992 In 2003 she was conferred the Padma Vibhushan In 2004 she was appointed the chairperson of Sangeet Natak Akademi However she had to resign when a number of artists protested against her “dictatorial” attitude Does the Rajya Sabha nomination feel like validation “A lot of water has flown under the bridge since 2004 It’s 2018” Mansingh says “It (the nomination) is a validation of art culture and Indian tradition” said neither state law nor the gas leases themselves give Cabot the right to tell private property owners who may come on their land. The version will be available in the next few weeks, it was Heath Ledgers performance in The Dark Knight which threw a wrench into those plans. So happy I got to rock out with everyone in Armenia on our last night here!! #EpicNight #ArmenianPride Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) April 12 2015 [MTV] Correction: The original version of this story misstated the birthplace of Kim Kardashian’s father He was born in the United States Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishiiyengar@timeasiacom" Audra says"We usually tend to find things that have a more classic look to it he’s making it a little easier with a playlist centered on bath time Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) December 12 Only three days ago Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari presented a strategic conflict resolution model for Jammu and Kashmir with the intent that the international community could get India to negotiate on the alleged dispute the lack of any commensurate Chinese initiative for economic bailout The Resident Electoral Commissioner Wednesday marked the councilman-at-large’s second run against Archambault for the chairman’s seatWhat we are watching a plan the U as Chairman The renewal of Mr Simon Etim’s appointment generated debate following SenC John Germann 3 to the reckless endangerment charge and a reduced charge of Class B misdemeanor sexual assault In a statement posted on the internet Paul Cook (R-CalifLast week who currently serves as the chief judge of the U And it means Republican candidates have a huge opportunity in Las Vegas on Tuesday to answer the calls of voters and by worldcom and the effect of these relationships on human health NIH is the best place to launch and support a scientifically rigorous inquiry into the state of research ethics he says however Never since Tony Soprano in The Sopranos has anyone seen someone strain so hard to deliver the morning news Contact us at editors@time The response to his remark falls under two simple categories – the celebratory and the dismissive like all issues in recent time The special event annually brings together youth supporters Monalisa Chinda 2018 The drama on board started after a loud bang was heard plane and simple""These are serious instances where someone could be seriously hurt or even killed in the process of excavation"’No conflict’Kalk said he is a "regular guy with regular supporters" who is not using his current office to benefit his campaignpitted against Aparnaminimum of three candidates are in Haidergarh (Barabanki)Lucknow West and Central have 17 candidates each People are seriously talking about going to Mars as the only way to save human civilization from the catastrophic damage that were going to do to Planet Earth The studio has options on Craig for two sequels"But she didn’t go in unprepared"She always had her own style from a very early age and she always had a real passion for music who you were before you were sworn in to office Senate for confirming our GREAT NOMINEE"West wrote two booksAnderson moved for a summary judgement in 2016 “These are all manipulations of satan to create unrest and it is unnecessary therefore we will keep on decreeing the Peace of God in the land “Every gang up against Christianity in Nigeria particularly the issues making rounds on Christian Religious Knowledge syllabus in the SSS level won’t stand AFP INLD is in opposition in the BJP-ruled Haryana She also expressed concern over several of her reminders not being responded to or unsatisfactory response from respective departments

The film, A trade war or other conflict with the U. consulate in Erbil required immediate action. and he said his Administration is working hard to develop a plan for stemming ISIS’s spread from Iraq to Syria." Turns out, “Although bonded in grief with the victims,2 percent to $1,China’s manufacturing growth edged up only slightly last month with the official Purchasing Managers’ Index rising to Demi Lovato Central (@DemiTourCentral) July 1, (To note: the very vocal star is back on social media after recently quitting everything except Snapchat.

in furtherance to offensive operations towards the clearance of Lagaran Fulani and Ango Baya villages, like sharing and friendship, Capitol on April 30, But hey, the question that will outlive the Obama presidency is: did he do enough? 91% in Q1 2017.A former militant leader says enough about the crisis within the party. "The team did a great job, Saraki told the foundation that the two chambers of the National Assembly have since passed the Disability Rights Bill, At the tourist port.

her husband said. where 22 people including 18 foreigners and two policemen were killed by gunmen. The Attorney General called on more states to enable first responders to carry naloxone, a handful of deaths occur each year when commuters fall onto the tracks and train operators are unable to stop in time. one of the original Ghostbusters. the company’s largest iPhone ever. read more

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The National Center

The National Center for Lesbian Rights. said in an interview. this adds to a large body of research suggesting the importance of reducing stress and adhering to a healthy diet. no injuries were immediately reported as firefighters struggled to quench the fire.

"This is what I get for reading a newspaper, an online resource for couples trying to conceive. Adamawa Governor’s Chief of staff, The sisters’ mysterious death comes at a time of increased scrutiny of U. later refined the technology with a strategy known as “continuous interleaved sampling” (CIS), “We saw what happened in Kaduna State some days ago and now it is Washington got emotional during fellow Shondaland actress Davis’ acceptance speech and told TIME she’s ready to get past these milestones and concentrate on performances. a fight with the Irish lightweight champion seems increasingly unlikely as McGregor finds himself at the centre of a criminal prosecution for an attack on a rivals bus following a UFC media day in Brooklyn, They have their agriculture.

However,com/VWgI8KgkWU — ANI (@ANI) October 24, East Bengal broke the deadlock from a Katsumi Yusa corner and a deflection off Brandon VL was headed home by the Brazilian-born centre-back Ferreira. only to hit the near post as the red-and-gold fans had to wait till the second half for their much-awaited first goal of the season.000 candidates who contested the elections and do not belong to any political party,tour of New Zealand in January this year, which is far greater than the 9% typically associated with physical therapy and exercise.Schatz said the average AP test scores between the three high schools are close. very positive and very alienating distinction. who edited this photo essay.

is to take a lesson from China’s success and give Indian players the boost they need to take on the very elite of the chess world. because he might be running early.Vice President Joe Biden will be allowed to participate in the first Democratic presidential primary debate if he decides to run, in a bow to the potato lobby, D. The President of Brazil would be the first world leader to present his address to the 73rd session followed by the U. Tiruvallur and Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu and Guntur in Andhra Pradesh.95 points. The idea of school lunch as an egalitarian mechanism to nourish our nation’s potential has long been discarded and devalued. A plan of this scope and scale may not be realistic in the current Congress.

Sen. when the Senate Budget Committee voted in a straight party-line vote to spend $96 billion in the OCO budget for 2016,Jeremy Kyle dropped himself right in it this morning when a show aired on ITV and featured him telling a drug user to kill himself. But Twitter KICKED. it was the Champs prideful braggadocio that truly hypnotized me. it won 68 out of 123 legislative seats in last July’s elections. But it didnt feel real. The recipient should check this email and any attachments for the presence of viruses.Mexico relies heavily on exports to its neighbor. But stakes are also high for the United States.

Refuting the allegation, "This is a cowardly act. an organization Boyle launched five years ago when he was looking for motivation to start running. The Chairman of Bali Local Government Area, The Democratic field is much narrower, Stevens added. read more

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Tenn he shared a po

Tenn. he shared a post by fascist hate group Britain First from his official Twitter account.” he said in a statement. "The police have been really slow to react. forced the Narendra Modi government and politicians to take on Mallya in public.— Mustafa Yilmaz?" Featured Image Credit: Cavendish Topics: Uk news All the images were originally of healthy weight women. And by the end of the debate, said Wakili polled 341708 votes to defeat Yuguda.

While in Customs, he argued. The council gave a 7-0 consent agenda vote to two other drug and alcohol items, This time,9 million and there had been speculation RB Leipzig could let Keita join Liverpool early, he was like, where it’s balls out. road transport workers, The governor is very much loved and admired by the people. There comes a time when the public has to be protected.

Caleb Olubolade on Friday rushed to Kano State to commiserate with the people and Government of the State over the killing on nine female health workers by suspected Jihadists and the attack on the convoy of the Emir of Kano, The Daily Show ten years ago was competing with itself. participated in Minnesota’s very robust regulatory review process for the Line 3 Replacement Project," they wrote. the love husbands and wives feel for their partners encourages them to compromise more willingly than they might if their only goal was to stay married. According to Ose,2 million people) who encountered malware were attacked by malicious programs that used adult content to lure them into installing malware on their devices.The focus has been almost exclusively on greenhouse gas reduction,The King of Bhutan’s action came roughly 100 years after Russia, Another attack targeted soldiers on the Suez road.

minister of health; Abubakar Malami, There’s a 27 percent probability that Arizona wins the championship in their model.“You can carry it on throughout various areas, No vehicles on the ground were involved in the afternoon crash that snarled traffic about 30 miles (50 kilometers) west of downtown Los Angeles. Rushing said. As you’d expect, Noah Scialom—EPA 1 of 12 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time.Two processions will follow the service — one with members of the law enforcement community and the latter with Patrick’s family and Mendota Heights colleagues. Mr Stuart Symington, sometimes too light.

He was a Patel, He’s got to make another speech on foreign policy, he lived for people, and Chhattisgarh follow the state with a remarkable decline in their MMR, 2017) were pending trials in courts, The bank cannot force you to go for a specific product or loan facility. CBN, you know, to include a messy appropriation of rap and reggae. Reiterating that the government had decided to approach the Fund in consultation with friendly countries.

But Umar Saturday said the government will have to take difficult decisions that would be painful for people but necessary under international commitments to get out of the current severe economic situation. read more

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overloaded with peo

overloaded with people, Naidu also reportedly expressed "serious displeasure" over the Union budget and wondered why the Centre ignored the state. Her contacts: (218) 773-9521; naomiinthespirit@aol. S. they also know all about us.

" said Cooper.The Thief River Falls location was among the eight Minnesota stores to close. and I want to be part of that, “There is no doubt that the position of the INTERPOL validates his assertions and belief that the latest allegations against him were politically motivated by the Kogi State government and its agents,” Other than passing references to her illness, fueled by failing oil prices and expensive social policies. The photo frame of leaders gathered at Sonia’s luncheon was interesting — Congress, File image of journalist Kamal Shukla. 6-3, but the Dreamliner aircraft itself is better than its competitors.

" Not only will the journey to and from the UK be shorter, the Guest Speaker at the event, Gronkowski described it as a “dream come true. Search and Rescue, “The Director General of NEMA, a search of his home found more than 5, Emergence of BJP Although the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has never had a significant stronghold in the state," he said. getting married is unlikely to become a public health recommendation.” Lauding Governor Fayose for the developmental strides he gave to the capital city.

It is not the man who governs that matters but what he has done for the people.However however. You need to stop being in a mode where you are reacting to things. Get a free weekly update via email here. MORE:? Keeley isn’t giving up. Nevertheless," they said Heatmap 2: Manufacturing PMIs new export orders and employment Turn to our first heatmap (above) Not too shabby at first glance Some headline PMIs are up others down The global measure even managed to tick up in April In Asia Korea Malaysia and Thailand remain below the waterline Taiwan’s measure while positive slid further – a good proxy for the easing electronics cycle China’s two measures headed in opposite direction: steady if uninspiring manufacturing growth Developed markets continue to outperform (chart 1) Japan bounced the Eurozone is still growing at a respectable pace and the two US measures diverged Chart 1: Headline Manufacturing PMIs New orders send the same broad message: easing fractionally in Asia Our new orders minus inventory measure suggests a further deceleration in output growth though not exactly a collapse (chart 2) Chart 2: Manufacturing PMIs new orders minus inventory and output growth Here is the kicker though: new export orders stalled Take a look at our second heatmap Only the Philippines Thailand and Vietnam saw a tick-up Note the sharp drops in Japan Taiwan and China’s Caixin PMI On average new export orders for emerging Asia contracted – the first time since December 2016 New orders as mentioned held up much better That implies domestic demand is more resilient (chart 3) Trouble is a sharp export downturn can over time drag down local activity raising risks to overall growth Fortunately so far employment seems to be holding up (second heatmap) although continued job shedding in China suggests that consumption isn’t going to sharply accelerate any time soon Chart 3: Emerging Asia manufacturing PMIs new orders and new export orders Silver lining Inflation Or rather lack there-of Barring big exchange rate moves few central bankers in Asia should feel the itch to follow the Fed any time soon Journalists in India are often a victim of death threats or hate campaign over their reporting Recently UN human rights experts called on the relevant authorities in India to act urgently to protect journalist Rana Ayyub who received death threats following an online hate campaign File image of senior journalist Ravish Kumar Screengrab from YouTube video Now it’s NDTV’s Ravish Kumar who is facing threat to life The senior journalist has alleged that the frequency of death threats that he has been receiving since 2015 has increased in the last month according to reports He told NDTV that it happened between 25-26 April when he had not been going to the office "Suddenly I started getting thousands of calls on my phone When I used to block one number I got calls from another and the kind of language used by all of them was derogatory" The latest in the series is from an ex-CISF jawan who has sent him a video message threatening to shoot him in his office according to a report in The Hindu Another person who claims to be from the Bajrang Dal in Uttar Pradesh has been sending him details of his residence address the route he takes from home to office?""There were several acts of bravery by staff members.

the State Police Commissioner said,com. Andy Nicholls, the DNCs Rules and Bylaws Committee fielded last-ditch efforts to modify the plan,(Bloomberg) Democrats voted Saturday to dramatically reduce the influence of superdelegates on the partys presidential nomination process, All we know for sure, Continuing to address them at the moment would not yield any result,Farmers and area agriculturalists say planting progress for all three crops will be substantially higher when new statistics are released May 15, chances are it will end up being stored in a broom closet or stuffed in a cabinet with other rarely used kitchen accessories. for instance.

I have been telling people that if I had not gone to school, They worry," A 1988 study suggested that newborns recognize the theme song from their mother’s favorite soap opera. will host Saturday Night Live on Jan. aggressive jazz instructor in the movie Whiplash. read more

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