Samsung confirms it wont buy HPs personal computer business

first_imgOver the past few days there has been a lot of speculation as to who will purchase HP’s personal computer division, the Personal Systems Group (PSG), after the company decided it was taking a step back. The frontrunner, as least as far as rumors go, for the purchase? Samsung.Evidence the Korean electronics company was interested in taking over HP’s PC business comes from the fact it is  currently talking to Taiwan manufacturers about outsourcing some of its laptop production. It was assumed that this was being done to make way for the HP purchase and the new manufacturing that would come with it.Samsung has been quick to react and quash such rumors with a simple two-sentence post on the Samsung official global blog, Samsung Tomorrow. In the post, entitled, “Regarding Recent Rumors about Samsung’s PC Business,” the company states that the rumors of a HP PSG purchase are in no way true, and it hopes that the statement, “clarifies any confusion.”Although HP’s specific plans aren’t known, this does make it clear Samsung is in no way interested in a purchase and won’t be doing any bidding. The question is, who does that leave with enough cash on hand to buy the group? Or is a spinoff into a separate, stand-alone entity more likely than ever? On its own, HP PSG would be a very large company, even by Fortune 500 standards.Read more at Samsung Tomorrowlast_img read more

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