Anonymous celebrates LulzSecs return with hacks of its own

first_imgLulzSec may have disbanded, but it appears that their members have simply melded back into Anonymous, as opposed to giving up hacking altogether. To prove the point, Anonymous announced less than a day after LulzSec called it quits that they had confidential counter-terrorism training information from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA.)The documents obtained are from FEMA’s Counter Terrorism Defense Initiative training program, and detail some of the training programs offered by the agency and its contractors. Anonymous didn’t announce specifically where the information came from or how it was obtained, the group simply teased that it was at least confidential and not for public consumption when they posted it.The documents contain addresses of FBI addresses across the United States, documents and links to publicly available security tools and hacking resources across the web, and documentation on how to request warrants and information from ISPs. None of the information is secret, but the bigger question is where the information may have come from.Some analysts have said that the information likely came from a government contractor with poor information security, while others think it cam directly from government networks.For their part, Anonymous is more interested in discussing where they go from here. They noted on their Twitter account that all of the members of LulzSec are “confirmed aboard,” which likely means that LulzSec didn’t retire so much as they decided to work under the Anonymous umbrella. Moments after LulzSec tweeted that they were lending their full support to Anonymous, the Anonymous Twitter account earned over 60,000 followers.Whether LulzSec decided to fold back into Anonymous because the AnonOps rift finally healed or because they wanted more cover under which to operate remains to be seen, but it’s clear that Anonymous isn’t about to take the baton without fanfare.via ABClast_img read more

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