Nintendo Switch Price Spec On January 12

first_imgNintendo has decided we must wait until next year to learn more about the Switch hybrid games console. The good news is, we don’t have to wait very long into next year before everything about the Switch becomes crystal clear. Nintendo is going to hold a Nintendo Switch Presentation on January 13 in Tokyo, meaning January 12 in the US due to the time difference.It’s a presentation I’m sure many will drop everything to watch. Nintendo intends to confirm all the important details about its next hardware launch. We’ll learn what the spec of the machine is, how much Nintendo expects us to pay for it, and what the line-up of launch games are. Before the presentation is over I’m sure many gamers out there will have already decided on whether a pre-order is warranted.Learn more about Nintendo’s new home gaming system at the Nintendo Switch Presentation, streamed LIVE on Jan. 12— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) October 27, 2016We can only speculate as to what Nintendo has managed to achieve in a tablet/home console and at what price to the consumer. But we can make some informed guesses at least…We have two price points with which to work. The first is the Wii U, the predecessor to the Switch, which launched in Deluxe form at $350. We also have the Nvidia Shield, the platform on which the Switch is thought to be based on, which launched at $299. Nintendo could choose either of these price points, but even though it doesn’t directly compete with the PS4, Sony’s console costs $299 (500GB model). So if you pushed me to guess I’d say the Switch will be $299.The Switch really needs a strong line-up of launch games. Breath of the Wild really helps, but isn’t enough on its own. If Nintendo can compliment it with that new Mario game we saw running in the introductory trailer then I can see every Switch sale also meaning 2 game sales. And if Nintendo also have a new Mario Kart title available on launch day, then they’ve got the perfect launch line-up. Everything else, first or third party, is just a bonus.I’m not going to take a serious attempt at guessing the spec. Nintendo will certainly want to keep the manufacturing costs to a minimum, so I suspect we’ll see micro SD cards playing a part for storage. The OS is likely based on Android but you won’t know that from using it, and whatever Tegra processor is used will be underclocked significantly away from the dock. As for RAM? You’d hope for 8GB, but I’d be surprised if there was more than 4GB in the tablet.Roll on January so we can finally get the full picture!last_img read more

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