Battlefield 3 Premium is a 4999 allaccess pass to upcoming expansion packs

first_imgGame developers these days have taken to pushing each title a little further in the form of expansions and downloadable content. While Battlefield 3 is about to get quite a lot of these add-ons, DICE has announced a good deal as far as expansions go. The $49.99 Premium pass gets you everything BF3 has to offer over the next year. Some content is out now, and more will be rolling out over the coming months.That $49.99 fee gives players access to all the announced Battlefield 3 expansions including Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armored Kill, and End Game. In addition, that one-time charge grants access to the just-announced Aftermath. If all these expansions were purchased individually, it would work out to about $75.All told, the BF3 expansions add 20 new maps, 4 gameplay modes, new weapons, and more camo skins. DICE and EA are also promising early access to all the expansions as they come out, including the new pack, Close Quarters. Players that don’t get the Premium pass will have to wait 2 weeks longer for each pack. The next release is coming in September with Armored Kill.The Premium purchase also adds unique features that other gamers buying content individually won’t have access to, which makes me a little uncomfortable. You’ll get additional XP at certain times, experience unique in-game events, and more advanced statistics. All the standard Battlelog features remain in place for non-Premium players, though.For those that are still very into Battlefield 3 online play, the Premium pass seems like a good deal (provided you keep playing as the expansions come out). Content will be downloaded via PlayStation Store, Xbox Live, or EA’s Origin service.via Battlefield 3last_img read more

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