Institutions and individuals (Pt 2)

first_imgDear Editor,I am convinced that the slide to dictatorship which Guyana experienced from the late 1960s occurred because many of the individuals that headed important constitutional offices failed to live up to their oath of managing without fear or favour, affection or ill-will.They allowed the courts, the police and the Elections Commission to become the arms of the ruling PNC.The result was great damage done to our country. Unfortunately, we have not overcome all the effects of that era. That is the real reason why we still lag behind the Caribbean in many aspects.Of course, there were some who stood up. They were removed due to the silence of the society.I have been writing about the ominous signs appearing in the conduct of the governance of the country.Every day, our laws are being violated. This is glaring in relation to procurement and in the awarding of contracts. This is leading to massive corruption in the society.Some of the decisions of the courts, the trumped-up charges placed on former ministers and senior officials of the PPP/Civic administration by the DPP are extremely troubling.Very worrying also, is the behaviour of the Police. The SOCU has already become a stooge of the political directorate. This body seems more interested in harassing political opponents of the regime. Their mandate to fight money launderers has been lost.The arrest of Shafraz Beekham in Berbice after he exposed the trickery and illegal acts of the AFC in obtaining signatures for the backing of the Party for the Local Government Elections is extremely dangerous.This occurred after the Minister of Public Security openly threatened the PPP member on the TV. This points to the creeping dictatorship that is taking place.While most of the society has remained quiet, leaving the PPP/C to fight the illegality of the appointment of the Chairman of the Elections Commission, the purging of that institution, and other public institutions of Indian-Guyanese, is extremely sad. People are sitting back as their rights are gradually being taken away.It is not too late. Those in top constitutional holders must appreciate that they too are leaders in the society. They must give our country the integrity and morality that is vital for social and economic progress of any society.The functions of these institutions can either help in the growth of a dictatorship with only the appearance of democracy, or they can help to ensure the slogan ‘Government of the people and by the people’ becomes a reality.The responsibility is great.Donald RamotarFormer Presidentlast_img read more

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