Former Hoboken Housing Authority commissioner says she’ll run for U.S. Senate

first_imgHOBOKEN — Former Hoboken resident and ex-Hoboken Housing Authority board member Dana Wefer announced on Facebook that she will run against Senator Robert Menendez in the upcoming election as a Republican. She moved out of Hoboken to Bergen County last year.“New Jersey has not elected a Republican Senator in almost 50 years, which is why the Democrats are perfectly comfortable uniting behind Bob Menendez, who just recently escaped a conviction on corruption charges, not because he denies the facts the government set forth, but because of how toothless our corruption laws are,” said Wefer in a Facebook post. “This outrageously unethical Senator will waltz through the Democrat primary and is almost guaranteed reelection unless New Jersey voters decide to disrupt the system. I am here to disrupt the system. I am the only Republican who can take Bob Menendez down, and if you nominate me, I will.”Last year, she said she planned to run for governor, but dropped out a few months later.For more information on Wefer go to read more

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