Alegrias Military Chief Warns Against Election Delay

Rabat – Algeria’s military chief of staff has cautioned against calls by protesters to delay the nation’s presidential race, saying that a democratic election is the only way to solve current political emergency.The Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaid Salah declaration on Monday came only days huge riots in urban areas around the nation, protesting of the military stance on the elections. .“Holding a presidential election could help [Algeria] avoid falling into the trap of a constitutional void, with its accompanying dangers and unwelcome consequences,” Gaid Salah said in a speech. “The need to accelerate the establishment of an independent body to organize and oversee the election,” Gaid Salah explained, maintaining that the election “would stop those who are trying to prolong the crisis”.After nearly two decades in power, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika surrendered control on April 2. His resignation was sparked by protests over his decision to run for a fifth term of office.Weeks of demonstration have plagued the North African nation, a noteworthy oil and gas producer, with protests demanding the removal Bouteflika supporters from power and a total update of the political framework.The dissidents want a transitional programme to be set up to audit the constitution in order for free and democratic elections to take place.In his speech on Monday, Gaid Salah appeared to dismiss those requests, portraying them as “unobjective and unreasonable”, adding that they tried to “deprive state institutions of their cadres and denigrate them”.The presidential election is due to take place on July 4. read more

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