Four fifths of UN officials have filled out financial disclosure forms –

Stephane Dujarric told reporters in New York that Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown is now contacting those who have not yet completed the forms. Those required under the new rules and regulations are directors and all staff in procurement, people with access to information regarding to accounts or financial information and anyone else that each department’s executive office deems appropriate. Asked whether the Secretary-General has filled out the disclosure form yet, the spokesman said that he had not, but would do so. In response to another question, Mr. Dujarric confirmed that Mr. Malloch Brown had met the requirement. The forms presently affected about 125 Assistant Secretaries-General and Under-Secretaries-General. Mr. Dujarric said an effort is underway to expand financial disclosure to include directors and anyone with access to sensitive financial information, thus covering some 1,300 people. The forms will be handled by the UN’s new Ethics Office whose Special Advisor, Tunku Abdul Aziz, will brief the press next week. read more

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