Liberia hands over weapons to UN peacekeepers

The UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) said Mr. Blah brought UNMIL Force Commander Lt. Gen. Daniel I. Opande and blue-helmeted troops to a shed at his residence and said the turnover was “to show to the world that we are all for peace; we do not want to fight anymore.” The arms included AK-47 Kalashnikov machine guns, anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade launchers, anti-air defence missiles, mortars and ammunition, UNMIL said. An UNMIL report said hundreds of weapons at the barracks in the Executive Mansion of the former government’s Anti-Terrorist Unit, as well as others at the Armed Forces of Liberia Camp Sheffelin near Roberts International Airport, have also been turned over to the blue helmet troops. Peacekeepers were registering the weapons at the different locations in preparation for their transport to a safe location. The weapons will be eventually be destroyed by a specialist team, UNMIL said. A new National Transitional Government took office in Monrovia Tuesday after some 15 years of civil war. read more

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